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Budapest School


Admission 2018

Admission for 2018 is OPEN!

Join our community with kids aged 3-12 years!

Budapest School is a network of several microschool (and we also call kindergartens schools for simpilicity). A microschool means a community where kids, parents and teachers cooperate closely. Members are involved in the community because they feel safe in it, they accept each other and their goal is to let the kids to be in flow as mmuch as possible for optimum and individual development.

The best way to join our community is when:

- parents understand, accept the culture of our community and love the way it works

- after the newcomers join the whole community becomes a better learning environment for all members

Therefore we do not have an admission test for kids. We rather want to get to know the kids and their family. It is important that in Budapest School parents and teachers cooperate closely and actively to help kids grow. It is important that newcomers understand, help and support all the other parents and teachers. We also believe that newly joining kids should make our groups even more diverse and not to endanger any members in any ways.

We see it rather as finding a new friend, a partner in business, almost a partner for life or more like finding a new colleague: we do not want you to take a test, but during a "get-to-know-each-other" process we decide if we can cooperate effectively.

application process

- Get to know each other: you hear about us, read our website (Content in English is available starting here.)

- Getting close: you register as being interested through the button below. Then you receive more information on new ways to learn more and to meet in person: online videos, dates of open days to attend, workshops, etc.

- Making commitment: once you believe this is the school for you kid you complete your registration with more data. Remember, you have to be happy with your decision, not only you kid with the new school!

When is the Admission Date?

Someone is interested in joining immediately, some are looking for a school as from September. We follow the same principle: in case you fit into our community. then we grant you a place immediately, once you are commited. This also means that as from this year we do not have a single big date of Admission. Do register as soon as possible and let's go through the process above! Mathematicians call this approach the "greedy algorithm", startuppers call it the "lean approach".


In case you are interested do register by pressing the big button below and follow the instructions recieved via email.


  1. III. district, Római part, 3-5 years (kindergarten), 5-7 years (just starting school) and 7-9 years (school)

  2. XI. district, Breznó köz, 4-6 y and 6-8 y groups

  3. V. district, corner of Balaton street and Honvéd street a flat for 3-5 years

  4. XIII. district, Balzac street a flat for 6-8 years

  5. XIII. district, Pozsonyi út 10. 8-10 years and 10-12 years

  6. XXII. district, near Campona Shopping Mall, 3-6 and 6-8 years

  7. Solymár, 3-6 and 6-8 years

Legal disclaimer

Our groups are not official schools but groups of individual learners. This legal status gives us maximum flexibility to shape the learning of every child to its optimum. It also means certain to-dos for each parent in which we can help, but parents need to be aware of this legal form.