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Open Day at Budapest School Római Part

VISIT THE BRAND NEW LOCATION AT 1031 Budapest, Nánási út 97.,
ON THE 28th OF OCTOBER 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00. Free ENTRY!

You can learn more about Budapest School Római and meet our teachers. You can also test and try the special activities which areavailable as recurring weekly workshops.

Programme: Drones (demonstration and test-fly), play with M-Bots, the latest programmable robots, see a 3D printer in action, build the BPS Római building in Minecraft and many more...



Although it looks easy, controlling safely and precisely a drone requires some learning and practice. At BPS Római we are building an in-door drone racing hall using the 6 meters of height of the rooms. Our pro trainers demonstrate how to land on a target area, hover at a fixed point or race around different obstacles.

You will also have the opportunity to try our drones. If you love it, then we recommend joining our PlayDrone workshop held every Tuesday from 5pm to learn how to fly safely and precisely. Become a pilot, two feets on the ground!



M-Bot is a capable small robot developed for children interested in programming. Using its built in sensors it can follow a line, recognise and avoid obstacles and you can even programme them to Sumo.

M-Bots can be programmed by an easy to learn programming language developed for children which we will demonstrate on the open day. If you are familiar with Scratch then you will love it. If not, then we guarantee you can easily learn it during our weekly workshop called "PlayTech".

Every Tuesday we discover areas of digital making, combining DIY and latest technologies. We create digital, electronic and mechanical pieces. Our objective is to get acquainted with new technologies and develop your creativity, self confidence, cooperation, teamwork, resilience and tenacity. Discover the feeling of being able to change the world around you!



Minecraft. Should we tell more about this game at all or you know it all? We have a special challenge for you: after a quick visit to our building can you construct it as precisely as possible in the virtual world of Minecraft?

At BudapestCraft workshop participants visit three exciting locations of Budapest (utilities, traffic-management and cultural) where specialists explain and demonstrate how they organise the traffic flow, how does an actor fly or disappear from stage, what happens with waste collected in selective bins. After the weekend visits during the weekdays kids can reconstruct the buildings visited which (on top of growing their construction skills) helps to develop their cooperation and teamwork abilities.


3D Printer

A few years ago it was science fiction, now it is available at our school. During the open day you can watch it working and you can also see some products created by 3D printing.

On the workshop called "PlayTech" on top of programming robots you can learn how to create objects virtually which can then be printed and become real. Be it a unique keyhanger or clever mini-machine not available in any regular store? The limit is the sky, your creativity (and of course the size of the tray in the 3D printer...)

On top of the programme above you can also meet our teachers, who are more than happy to give you a snapshot of our pedagogical programme and project based learning. All parents with kids between 3 and 8 years are welcome!

In case you get tired, hungry or thursty then you can reload your batteries with strudel, tea, and some mulled wine (parents only, sorry...) After registration you will receive vouchers for these treats.

The entry is free of charge but you need to register beforehand. Participants of hte Open Day are eligible for a draw with 3 prizes: winners can pick their favourite workshop (PlayDrone, Playtech, PlayCraft)and enroll free of charge! (Value of the prize is 88.000 HUF each, winners can not convert the prize to cash.

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