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Budapest School



How much is the tuition fee? 

For now, the tuition for children aged 3-6 is 120 000 HUF/month (food included), but we encourage families who can afford to pay more to do so.
We are in the process of working out a model for financially more restricted households, because we believe everyone deserves a chance for a better education, and diversity is essential for a healthy society. So if you're interested but cannot afford this tuition now, please keep an eye out for our news.


Who can apply? How do you decide if you accept my child's application?

Any child can apply to the Budapest Schools, regardless of cultural, lingual or any other background. Since we're building the society of the future, we believe our schools should be a representation of that - diverse, open and accepting. In the long run, it's not what you're good at, it's what you're ready to do. And we want to get as much kids ready and honing their skills as we can. So as long as your child doesn't have special caring needs, (sorry, but at this point we cannot provide sufficient care) we would love to hear from you. When a school group becomes financially self-sufficient we will choose between the applicants offering to pay the same amount of tuition with a lottery system.


What do I get for my money?

Great quality education, up to international standards. Continuously evolving and up to date methodologies, and a physically and psychologically healthy, creative environment. The tuition includes 4 healthy meals a day, English classes (as in language classes - education will be in Hungarian), and if needed the involvement of professionals like speech therapists of psychologists, as well as all extra programs held by the teachers of Budapest School or guest educators. Our schools don't have any additional costs above tuition.